Long-term cooperation
in recruiting the best graduates
in the Czech Republic



Keyence's business strategy is based on the continuous recruitment of fresh graduates into sales roles with a high technical affinity. As the talent landscape in the Czech market has changed dramatically in recent years, traditional sources of candidates have ceased to deliver the desired results. Therefore, Keyence approached GoodCall with the idea of moving to proactive talent sourcing and focusing on passive candidates.


Keyence is recruiting sales associates across the country, making GoodCall's network of branches the ideal solution to cover every single local market. Thanks to our knowledge of specific regions, we were also able to assist Keyence in other recruitment-related activities - creating a more efficient recruitment process, adjusting remuneration and benefits systems, and establishing contact and cooperation with Czech universities.

The client has seen a rapid decline in responses to their advertisements, which had been their only source of applicants on the Czech market. As a result, GoodCall took care of setting up a broad candidate outreach strategy to attract passive candidates and reach talent pools that Keyence had not been using. In addition to our normal recruitment activities, we also supported recruitment with performance marketing campaigns.


  • Set up a comprehensive strategy for recruiting junior salespeople using the GoodCall network across the Czech Republic
  • Proactive approach to passive candidates and engagement with performance campaigns
  • Long-term functional collaboration was set up due to the rapid achievement of results.

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