We hired 3 senior salespeople
with specific requirements for Signify



Signify has long struggled with a shortage of candidates for sales positions across several divisions. Although the company has a long history in the Czech market under the Philips Lighting brand, the supply of candidates from their traditional sources has declined rapidly over this period, primarily due to dynamic changes in the overall job market. At the end of 2021, the company approached GoodCall with a requirement for several senior salespeople for various departments. A critical component of this assignment was the salespeople's experience with a similar product and a focus on consulting and project-based business.


Based on the brief, GoodCall prepared a comprehensive strategy for the overall delivery of this project. The path to success was through specific targeting of competitors, a carefully executed selection process with double-checking of candidates and continuous sharing of market information, candidate requirements and expectations, and last but not least, intensive communication with several hiring managers whose teams the positions were filling.

GoodCall used the fact that each member of the recruiting team is dedicated to a very narrow portfolio of disciplines and positions - thanks to this, the project was taken over by a team with a specific specialization in technical business. This contributed to a very quick understanding of the client's expectations and the rapid development of an appropriate sourcing strategy.


  • A dedicated team of recruiters with in-depth knowledge of the technical business enabled a rapid development of a recruitment strategy.
  • We used non-traditional recruitment techniques such as name sourcing or direct headhunting.
  • We conducted detailed interviews focused on candidates' skills, including product know-how and business consulting, to ensure candidates were an exact match for the client's needs.
  • GoodCall approached over 400 candidates, interviewed 33 of them and filled 3 senior sales positions.

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